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"This is the best service I have ever used. I have used many calling cards but Vomoz is the best in my opinion".

Nikky A.Alexandria, VA

"I make calls at 3:00am everyday. Vomoz has never disappointed me! Its reliability and great call quality are awesome - Bye bye to midnight gas station visit!"

Toure M.Laurel, MD

"Vomoz is in a class by itself!"

Li YangClaxton, GA

"For the fact that I don't need to dial those long numbers everytime I want to call my people in Mexico, Vomoz SpeedDial feature is my royal treament!"

George S.Philadelphia, PA

One of the fantastic features I love about Vomoz is the ability to transfer (flash) some of my calling credits to my friends and my friends donít need to register on Vomoz to use the transferred calling credits! This is amazing!"

Tina B.Minneapolis, MN

The rates are better and you have true minutes. Convenient and easy. Minutes better than calling cards.

Carl Reindorf, VA

Assigning local numbers to your international contacts is not news but assigning local numbers to your international contacts on-the-fly while calling makes Vomoz a leader!

Fred A.Edinburg, TX

Convenient, can use it at anytime. Good service, efficient, better reception.

Ms. OpukuSpringfield, VA

Vomoz is so easy it might become an addiction!"

Rajesh G.Anaheim, CA